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NSRS Mutt-The Genesis

Hundreds of people throng the Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt in Jayanagar V Block, Bengaluru, where the Mula Mruttika Brundavan of Sri Raghavendra Swamy has been established.

Consecration of the Brundavan was performed in the most traditional manner. Various rituals, including many holy sacrifices, were performed as part of the consecration of the Brundavan. A large number of people from all walks of life witnessed the spectacle of consecration with joy, devotion and dedication. Festivities began on May 3, 1983 and concluded the next day. The popularity that this Mutt has earned among religious and spirituous people within a short period is praiseworthy. The saga of Jayanagar V Block Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt had a humble beginning. The initial idea that sprouted in as early as 1966-67 was to establish a guest house for Sri Suyameendra Tirtha as he was not keeping well. However, since the Seer entered Brundavan in January 1967, the idea took a backstage as the Mutt management at Mantralaya did not show any attention towards the guest house project. Meanwhile, residents of Jayanagar V Block impressed upon the Seer to set up the Mula Mruttika Brundavan in the locality. His Holiness Sri Suyateendra Swamy not only took the initiative to get the Mutt constructed there.

Sri Suyameendra Tirtha Swamy identified Sri Suyateendra Swamy as his successor and relocated to Bangalore in 1966 March as he had some health problems. When he arrived at Seethapati Agrahara Mutt in Bangalore, the construction was still under way. His close associates thought that the Seer needed a better place to live, especially because of his poor health and the disturbance being caused to his routine religious activities by the ongoing construction work. On being approached by the devotees and followers of the Seer, Sri Gaudanagere S. Raghavendracharya, the then commissioner of Bangalore Development Authority sanctioned a site at Jayanagar V Block. The original plan was to construct a guesthouse for the Seer to stay. However, the Seer attained Brundavan in January 1967, much before the construction of guesthouse could begin.

Later, in 1970s, a delegation of devotees living in Jayanagar area approached Sri Suyateendra Swamy, under the leadership of Sri Gaudanagere S. Raghavendracharya, and requested him to set up a Mruttika Brundavan in the site at Jayanagar V Block, which was lying vacant. The Seer sought the permission of Sri Raghavendra Swamy through prayer for the construction of the Mutt in Jayanagar. Sri Raghavendra Swamy conceded the demand and the preparations for the construction of Mruttika Brundavan in Jayanagar V Block began in right earnest.


The duty of getting the Mutt constructed at Jayanagar in Bangalore was assigned to Sri Gaudanagere S. Raghavendracharya. The construction of the Mutt was completed in 1982.

As soon as the construction of Mutt building was over, the delegation of devotees again requested the Seer to complete the consecration of Brundavan. After due consultation with astrologers and scholars, the Seer decided that the consecration could be taken up on the Akshaya Truteeya Day that fell on May 4, 1983 and coincided with the  birth anniversary of Sri Parashurama. Subsequently, the Seer sent a group of Rutwiks, experts in chanting Vedic hymns during rituals and sacrifices, under the leadership of Kurudi Gopalacharya, one of the priests at the Sri Mutt, Mantralaya, to Bangalore. Sri Gopalacharya-led team arrived at Bangalore, completed various rituals like Vastu Homa (sacrifice), Jaladhivasa (immersion in water for a specific period), Dhanyadhivasa (immersion in grains for a specific period) and so on. The Seer arrived at the Jayanagar Mutt, along with his royal team of scholars and experts, and the Original Holy Soil “Mula Mruttika”.

In the evening twilight of May 3, 1983, a holy box (samputa) containing the original statues of Raghupati and Sri Vedavyasa and the Mula Mruttika was brought on a richly bedecked elephant from the commercial complex in Jayanagar IV Block to the newly constructed Mutt at Jayanagar V Block.

In the early hours of next day, i.e. on May 4, 1983, the auspicious Akshaya Tritiya Day, His Holiness Sri Sujayeendra Tirtha Swamy of Sri Mantralaya Mutt performed all the rituals and consecrated the Mula Mruttika Brundavan of Sri Raghavendra Swamy, known for his mystic powers and acts, at the newly constructed Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Jayanagar V Block, Bangalore. The power of penance and meditation of Sri Sujayeendra Tirtha and the mystic prowess of Sri Raghavendra Swamy culminated in the establishment of a holy Mutt at Jayanagar V Block, Bangalore so that devotees could offer their worship and prayers to the Sage.

Development activities:

Regime of Sri Sushameendra Tirtha Swamy:

Sri Sushameendra Tirtha, son of Sri Sujayeendra Tirtha, had a special attraction, attachment and compassion towards the Jayanagar Mutt and whenever he visited Bangalore, he used to stay in the Jayanagar V Block Mutt. All the offering of silver and other material the devotees were presenting to him as part of the Holy Weighment or “Tulabhara” were being handed over to the Mutt management for organizing various special Utsavas, conducting ceremonies and creating adequate facilities for visiting devotees.

During the period of Sushameendra Tirtha Swamy, several sacrifices, rituals, festivities and ceremonies were being organized with all pomp, tradition, glory and splendor. A special mention deserves to be made here about the performance of the holy Bruhatee Sahasra Homa by Sri Sushameendra Tirtha Swamy. During the performance of the rituals and celebrations related to the Bruhatee Sahasra Homa, the seer bestowed upon the residents of Jayanagar, his disciples and devotees the choicest blessings.

Sri Sushameendra Tirtha Swamy had a cherished desire to construct a temple, a sanctum sanctorum of Lord Raghupati Vedavyasa and an auditorium to facilitate conducting of spiritual discourses in the backyard of the Main Mutt, which was vacant.

Sri Suyateendra Tirtha Swamy’s period:

Sri Suyateendra Tirtha Swamy imbibed the same compassion and attachment towards the Jayanagar Mutt as his predecessor and Guru. During his maiden visit to Bangalore after Sri Sushameendra Tirtha attained Brundavan, Sri Suyateendra Tirtha Swamy camped at the Jayanagar Mutt. Keen on realising the dreams of his Guru Sushameendra Tirtha Swamy, the new pontiff took effective steps for the construction of an auditorium in memory of Sushameendra Tirtha Swamy for the purpose of conducting spiritual discourses at regular intervals. He directed his disciples and followers, supporters and devotees to raise necessary funds for the purpose. He instructed Sri Kru. Raja Vadeendracharya, the pre-sainthood son of Sri Sujayeendra Tirtha Swamy, to ensure that a rich and glorious monument in the name of Sri Sushameendra Tirtha was established.

For now, the cherished dreams of Sri Sushameendra Tirtha Swamy have been realised. His Holiness Sri Suyateendra Tirtha Swamy performed the opening ceremony of the holy temple, the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Raghupati Vedavyasa and also a conference hall for providing the renowned scholars with a platform to know and learn more and more about the preaching of Sri Madhwacharya, the proponent of Madhwa philosophy, every day.

It may be reiterated here that the devotees visiting Jayanagar Mutt are blessed in the same manner as they do by offering worship and prayer at the Mula Brundavan of Sri Raghavendra Swamy at Mantralaya, which is evident from the fact that hundreds of people thronging this Mutt every day as it has emerged into a pilgrim centre.

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